1st International Workshop on Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturing System Security (CIMSS)

CIMSS2021 in conjunction with ACNS2021 (June 21-24 2021), Kamakura, Japan (Virtual)

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6/10/2021: Workshop Program is released! Don't miss the free non-author student registration opportunity!

5/27/2021: Accepted Papers and Industrial Talks Announced!

5/6/2021: Second Keynote Speaker Confirmed! Prof. Mohammad Al Faruque at University of California Irvine will give a talk on "Cross-Layer Security of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems"

5/1/2021: CIMSS2021 will be held on June 21, 2021. Please mark your calendar.

3/20/2021: Submission deadline is extended to 4/5/2021! Work-in-Progress papers are welcome.

2/23/2021: Keynote Speaker Announced! Prof. Nikhil Gupta at New York University will give a talk on "HACKƎD: Challenges and Solutions for Cybersecurity in Digital Manufacturing"

2/15/2021: CIMSS2021 will be held as a virtual event online!

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Workshop Description

Critical Infrastructure like power grids, water supply systems, transportation systems, are the backbones of our modern life. Therefore, the security of critical infrastructures is essential for our society. However, most of the existing infrastructures are still running without sufficient security protections, and more and more of them are getting connected and exposed on the Internet. The gap between the attack surface and security measures undermines the safety of everyone relying on the infrastructures.

Nowadays, with increasing numbers of manufacturing systems adopting the concept of industry 4.0, manufacturing systems are new targets for attackers to hack. Attacks on manufacturing systems can cause monetary loss of enterprises, performance degradation of the products, and production suspension, which are all serious consequences for our society and the manufacturers.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in critical infrastructures and manufacturing systems security (CIMSS) to share new ideas. This workshop also intends to foster communications between academia and industry to discuss real-world challenges and innovative solutions.

Contact: cimss2021@easychair.org